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The smiles that you thought can only be seen in Hollywood can actually be yours as well, with the “Hollywood Smile” treatment done at the ROYAL MEDICAL CENTRE

You can look forward to vastly improving the appearance of your smile, with the help of different cosmetic dentistry treatments that are specifically designed to address your unique aesthetic concerns.

A Hollywood Smile treatment will result to smiles that you can confidently flash whenever you wish to do so – with a confidence that can rival even those of the brightest Hollywood celebrities!

One of the most attractive features of a person is their smile. When you are welcomed by a brilliant white smile, it grabs your attention.

ROYAL MEDICAL CENTRE, offers u a power whitening session with teeth whitening gels for “IN CLINIC” whitening followed by “AT HOME” whitening that will make your teeth look white and bright in just one hour.

The “IN CLINIC” whitening is the most non invasive procedure with no pain. Although some patients may experience slight tooth sensitivity, this usually disappears in a day or so.